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Closing Bell

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Closing Bell
  • Closing Bell June 26, 2017

    Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter teaming up to eliminate extremist content on their platforms.... Plus...David Yeom of e-commerce site Hollar joins live from Cheddar's studio in Santa Monica to discuss how the platform is expanding its product offerings. And Niven Narain, president of Berg, joins t...

  • Closing Bell June 23, 2017

    Tesla attempts another SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch... and Cheddar has live coverage. Plus... more reaction to the fallout of Travis Kalanick's ouster at Uber... and what Today-Tix is doing for the mobile ticketing platform.

    Jeff Cartwright, Nathaniel Weixel, Brian Fenty, Robert Hack...

  • Closing Bell June 22, 2017

    A special hour dedicated to the Business of Fashion. Cheddar Anchors Baker Machado and Alyssa Smith discuss how technology is changing the landscape, how legacy retail is evolving, and the challenge every brand faces to reach and keep customers.

    Whitney Casey, Patrick Valeo, Manuel C...

  • Closing Bell June 21, 2017

    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns amid pressure from the board. Pando's Sarah Lacy says Uber was supposed to be the 'Super Unicorn,' but the 'Bro exploded it.' The Co-Founder and Head of Product Design of 'Olivia AI,' Elise Graham, shares what it was like to pitch her product on Apple's 'Planet of...

  • Closing Bell June 20, 2017

    Why the future of health care policy is one of the top concerns facing CFO's at Fortune 500 companies. The impact of NBC's $30 million investment in Euronews. Plus, how luxury skincare company La Mer is partnering with Project 0 for ocean conservation.

    Dan Simon, Archie Agarwal, Carol...

  • Closing Bell June 19, 2017

    Our Jon Steinberg interviews President and CEO of Time Inc., Rich Battista, from Cannes about the media company's strategy shift to digital. DocuSign chairman Keith Krach says the company could IPO as early as next year. Plus, a look at Northzone's $20 million investment in FuboTV.


  • Closing Bell June 16, 2017

    More info on Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods... Plus we discuss whether or not the Market even cares about what's going on in the Trump Administration.

    Paul Gudonis, Michael Parrish Dudell,, Josh Levs, Patricia Orsini, Ryan Detrick, Florian Seroussi, Ruchir Sharma, Jim Barnett, Nick...

  • Closing Bell June 15, 2017

    Meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda joins to discuss how it turned a butcher shop into a global brand. How a surge in Series A funding is impacting meal subscription service for pets 'The Farmer's Dog.' Plus, a look at the future of gaming in virtual reality at the E3 conference in Los Angeles.


  • Closing Bell June 14, 2017

    The "Most Interesting Man in the World" Jonathan Goldsmith joins Cheddar to talk about what else... his interesting career... Plus, Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners and one of the recent contestants on Apple Music's "Planet of the Apps"

    Jonathan Goldsmith, Jackie Kelley, Jer...

  • Closing Bell June 12, 2017

    Christopher Mims joins to the discuss the developments of brain implant technology. A preview of NBA Final's Game 5, and the hottest sneakers released this week with StockX Ceo Josh Luber. Plus, J.D. Durkin interviews Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson in Los Angeles.

    Dee Schlotter, Ch...

  • Closing Bell June 9, 2017

    President Trump dismisses Comey's testimony. Quartz Global News editor John Mancini breaks down the latest reaction to Thursday's hearing. What Sirius XM's investment in Pandora means for the streaming service with CFRA's Tuna Amobi. Plus, the apps drawing the most attention from Generation Z fro...

  • Closing Bell June 8, 2017

    A look at the key contestants in the 2017 Belmont Stakes with New York Racing Association President & CEO Chris Kay. The importance of undersea cables to transfer data across the globe. Plus, the winner's of TLC's 'Girl Starter' share what it was like to compete for seed funding on the show.


  • Closing Bell June 7, 2017

    Contestants on the premiere of 'Planet of the Apps' join to discuss what it was like to pitch their company on the show. Why Apple expert Gene Munster is calling Apple's ARkit 'revolutionary.' Plus, a look at how autonomous vehicles are driving the passenger economy.

    Lexie Ernst, Jake...

  • Closing Bell June 6, 2017

    The latest fallout from Uber's investigation into claims of sexual harassment with Dan Primack of Axios. Recap of Day 2 at Apple's WWDC with our Hope King, and CNET's Ian Sherr. Plus, why millennials are more stressed at the workplace according to Udemy's latest study.

    Dan Primack, Br...

  • Closing Bell June 5, 2017

    Our Hope King joins live from Apple's WWDC with a look at the technology giant's next generation products. StockX's Josh Luber recaps the NBA Finals Game 2 with a look at the hottest sneakers on the market this week. Plus, a start-up building wearable technology for pigs.

    Adam Fingerm...

  • Closing Bell June 2, 2017

    Why Roku's GM of Content and Services Group Steve Shannon is rooting for pay-TV to succeed. Former professional athletes Charles Smith and Franco Harris join after ringing the NYSE closing bell to celebrate the 6th annual Sports, Business and Entertainment Conference. Plus, a look at Kuna's new h...

  • Closing Bell June 1, 2017

    President Trump announces he is withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. Cheddar covers the latest on the reaction from the business community. A look at how luxury brand Robert Graham is evolving with the company's president Andrew Berg. Plus, the factors driving the lowest r...

  • Closing Bell May 31, 2017

    May 31, 2017

    What President Trump's decision on the Paris Climate Deal means for Environmental Policy with Ed Schultz. A look at the key drivers in the markets with Tematica Research's Chris Versace. Plus, how Microsoft's 'Mixer' is driving engagement in the streaming gaming space.


  • Closing Bell May 30, 2017

    May 30, 2017

    'Fuller House' star Candace Cameron Bure previews the upcoming season of the hit series on Netflix. WSJ's Erik Holm joins to discuss the arguments for and against stock-splitting on same day Amazon stock surpasses the $1,000 mark. Plus, a look at how drones and animation are innov...

  • Closing Bell May 26, 2017

    May 26, 2017

    Uber wins its court case in Italy... Plus, how Gametime will handle tickets for the upcoming NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final.

    Scott Stein, Brad Griffith, Keith O’Malley, David McIntosh, David Aronson, Mbithe Nzomo, Lynda Brown-Ganzert, Paul Chambers

  • Closing Bell May 25, 2017

    May 25, 2017

    SurveyMonkey CEO Zander Lurie joins to discuss tennis star Serena Williams new role on the company's board. Payment solutions platform 'Wex' reaches the billion dollar mark in revenue, CEO Melissa Smith shares how the company is growing. Plus, the technology behind Even's personal...

  • Closing Bell May 24, 2017

    May 24, 2017

    Inside Volkswagen's emissions scandal with NYT's Jack Ewing, author of 'Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal.' A look at the job landscape for new graduates with GenFKD's Justin Dent. Plus, how 'Cloth & Company' is innovating the way furniture is manufactured.


  • Closing Bell May 23, 2017

    May 23, 2017

    Snapchat introduces group stories to the social media app. Los Angeles Times reporter Paresh Dave breaks down the strategy behind the update. Luggage start-up Away raises a $20 million round of funding. Techcrunch Editor-at-Large Josh Constine explains what the company plans to do...

  • Closing Bell May 22, 2017

    May 22, 2017

    Travis Kalanick threatened to torpedo Adam Lashinsky's upcoming book on Uber. Lashinsky tells Cheddar more about the embattled CEO. Axios' Sara Fischer joins to break down why advertisers are pouring money into video. Plus, a look what Ford's leadership change means for its self-d...