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  • Diply: Future of Ad-Supported Media

  • Lowe's Gets an AR Makeover With Two New Apps

    Lowe's is debuting two new apps that leverage Apple's ARKit. "Measured" is a digital ruler that turns your smartphone into a measuring device. "Envisioned by the Mine" allows you to see furnished items in your home before they arrive. Lowe's VP of Digital Development Gihad Jawhar to discuss how A...

  • NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd on Zuckerberg's Presidential Aspirations

    New York Times' Columnist Maureen Dowd says Mark Zuckerberg's invention has turned into a "Frankenstein." During an interview with Cheddar's Kristen Scholer and Vanity Fair's Jon Kelly, Dowd, and Media Columnist Jim Rutenberg discuss the challenges facing the social media giant. This week, Faceb...

  • The Biggest Surprises From Today's Google Event

    Google unveiled its new product line-up on Wednesday. Axios' Chief Technology Correspondent Ina Fried says she's most surprised by Google's wireless earbuds, which translate in real-time. According to Fried, the biggest challenge facing the tech giant is achieving robust distribution to sell its ...

  • Sonos VP: Endgame Is Filling Homes With Music

    In a sea of smart speaker devices on the market, Sonos' VP of Finance Mike Groeninger says the winning move is to take a platform approach and play nice with other services. On Wednesday, the company unveiled its "Sonos One," which is compatable with Amazon's Alexa. Groeninger says that in the f...

  • Sonos' New Smart Speaker Plays Well With Other Hardware

    The company has raised over $100 million in funding and expects to do a billion dollars in sales this year. We asked VP of Finance Mike Groeninger about his company's endgame.

  • The Robot You Control With an App

    Vincross recently unveiled its Hexa robot to the marketplace. Andy Xu, COO of the company that designs and develops robots, says the goal of Hexa is to put the power of development into the hands of its community. Hexa does this by allowing people to control the robot through a mobile app. Xu say...

  • How Doctor's Mike's Looks Led to a Cancer Diagnosis

    People Magazine's Sexiest Doctor Alive says he thought he'd become famous for a different reason. He explains how his social media popularity led to a patient's cancer diagnosis.

  • Showtime Chairman: We Are a Tech Company

    Showtime is known for having great shows, and for being one of the first networks to stream them. Now that there are so many streaming options available, media outlets are fighting for loyalty and superior content. Matt Blank, Chairman of Showtime Networks Inc,. stops by to talk about the rise of...

  • ADHD: "A Gift, Not a Curse"

    "Faster than Normal" author Peter Shankman has ADHD and says overcoming it is a matter of focusing the hyperactivity. He explains how he tricks his brain into producing the chemicals he needs.

  • ProPublica Bombshell- Ivanka & Trump Jr Investigated for Felony

    Prosecutors reportedly investigated the Trump SoHo for fraud, according to ProPublica. ProPublica Senior Reporter and Editor Jesse Eisinger joins Cheddar and Vanity Fair's panel at the VF Summit in Beverly Hills to discuss the accusations. He says Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. were subjects of an ...

  • How Peace and Quiet Are Driving Innovation in Denver

    Foundry, Co-founder Brad Feld says start-ups love Colorado because they can get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities like New York. He explains why it's so important to entrepreneurs.

  • Monica Lewinsky on Finding a Place to Feel Safe Online

    She talks about the challenge of finding her footing on social media.

  • A Good Running Shoe Can Actually Make You Faster

    Popular Science Assistant Editor Claire Maldarelli says "return on energy" is the name of the game when choosing a shoe for distance running. She explains how a new sneaker gives runners a boost.

  • Showtime Chairman Explains Data's Role in Green Lighting Shows

    Matt Blank, Chairman at Showtime, says big data has become a big part of the network's decision-making process. He explains why and talks about other factors he takes into consideration.

  • It's Going to Take a Lot of Manpower to End "Fake News" on Facebook

    Christopher Mims, Technology Columnist at The Wall Street Journal, says the social media site is going to need to rely on humans rather than algorithms to fix the problem of false or misleading headlines.

  • Is Facebook a Media Company?

    The social site has long contended that it's not in the content business, but now it's blamed for spreading "fake news." The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg and Maureen Dowd say the platform needs to get real.

  • Tax Reform- Why Small Businesses Could Get the Short End of the Stick

    Washington Post Columnist and The Marks Group Founder Gene Marks says the president's proposal would be great for corporations, but smaller businesses wouldn't see the same cuts.

  • Monica Lewinsky Thinks People Should Listen to Their Gut

    The psychology major thinks Americans are becoming dependent on big data. Lewinsky explains why she thinks we're losing touch with our gut reactions.

  • StockStream Trading Lower But There Are a Few Standouts inventor Mike Roberts says the index is having a bit of a down day, but its portfolio is up overall. He explains the factors driving the market.

  • How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Holiday Shopping Season

    Zeke Freeman, CEO and founder of Bee Raw, joins On The Money to discuss how he's grown his small honey business into a digital success. He explains how he uses digital platforms such as PayPal to attract customers at local shops, fairs, and online. He also tells us how he's integrating sustainabi...

  • Boxed Plans to Become "Costco for Millennials"

    But will it be enough to compete with Amazon and Wal-Mart? CEO Chieh Huang explains why he thinks beating the giants will depend on leveraging technology.

  • The Next Step in Pizza Hut's "BOOK IT!" Program

    For 33 years Pizza Hut's "Book It!" program has been encouraging reading in schools across America. The program encourages student grades K-6 to read more by rewarding their efforts with free pizza. Natasha Collins, Manager of Social Impact at Pizza Hut, says "Book It!" plans to reach one million...

  • How Your Wallet Can Protect You From ID Theft

    Tech and Style Expert Charell Star discusses various products that can protect consumers against fraud and even monitor a baby's heart rate while they sleep. Charell demos a bag that comes with RFID protection, best for those who might be traveling or in unfamiliar places. She then talks about a ...