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Opening Bell
  • Opening Bell + Ally Your Cheddar August 30, 2017

    The CEO of Polar USA shows us the company's new wearable, and Jon gets some feedback on his workout! Plus how blockchain technology can help secure the food supply chain. How Harvey got so powerful. Netflix fighting with Hollywood's big movie studios over 4K. And we're live from a new Muppets exh...

  • Opening Bell August 29, 2017

    NYSE President Tom Farley tells us how the exchange is helping victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Plus, the CEO of Herb tells us about the NFL legend involved in the cannabis media company's latest funding round. What gut microbes found in hunter-gatherers can tell us about our diets. The CEO ...

  • Opening Bell August 28, 2017

    The Uber board's surprising pick for the company's CEO job. Plus, Amazon closes its deal to buy Whole Foods. What customers can expect to see changed. Elon Musk's new spacesuit, and how it compares to others in the industry. Why this was the worst weekend at the box office of the year. And Game o...

  • Opening Bell August 25, 2017

    President Trump's statements about the debt ceiling make investors cautious. Plus, we're live in the Hamptons with the co-owner of the Palm, trying some seafood for breakfast. The Truth Initiative campaigns against youth smoking at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards. The number one ranked wome...

  • Opening Bell August 24, 2017

    A look at Uber's financials after its scandal-filled start to the year. Plus, President Trump's statements about the debt ceiling rattle investors. Snap looks to get into the original content game. What the upcoming season of shows and movies says about diversity in Hollywood. Will people buy the...

  • Opening Bell + Ally Your Cheddar August 23, 2017

    The latest episode of Your Cheddar breaks down how to ask for a raise and what the gig economy means for your tax returns. We're just hours away from the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. What you need to know before the unveiling of the new Note 8. Plus, we go live to the White House to recap Presi...

  • Opening Bell August 22, 2017

    The President launches a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. Plus, PGA Tour pro Bill Horschel brings the President's Cup by our desk on the trading floor. And HERB CEO Matt Gray gives us his take on the new Netflix series "Disjointed". Those stories and more on today's Opening Bell.

  • Opening Bell August 21, 2017

    We get you set for the week with the top five tech stories we're following. Plus Steve Bannon trades the White House for Breitbart. Xbox makes some big news about the new Xbox One X. Your last minute prep for the Great American Solar Eclipse. And will Tom Brady beat the Madden curse? Those storie...

  • Opening Bell August 18, 2018

    Markets hope to rebound from Thursday's sell-off and Travis Kalanick hits back against Benchmark's lawsuit. We also take a look how Hershey is moving from the check-out line to online, and how Lyft is looking at the move to autonomous cars.And, what's harded to come by -- money or love? Kristen S...

  • Opening Bell August 17, 2017

    Tech execs turn up efforts to crack down on hate speech and Wal-Mart shares drop after earnings. Plus, the black market for marijuana, what entrepreneurs can learn from Travis Kalanick, and what to expect from Gap after the bell. Kori Hale & J.D. Durkin bring you all of today's top stories.

  • Your Cheddar With Ally + Opening Bell June 21, 2017

    Join us for the top personal finance tips with Farnoosh Torabi and James Altucher. Then, stick around for the latest on Travis Kalanick's departure from Uber, with Scientific American, Popular Science, Fusion, Fusion TV, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 12, 2017

    April 12, 2017: Samsung Mobile delays Bixby launch, and Uber says head of communications will leave company. More news with Motor Trend, Scientific American, Inc. Magazine, Newsy, Washington Examiner, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 11, 2017

    April 11, 2017: Qualcomm fires back at Apple, United shares tank, and Comcast takes on Netflix. With Robert Kiyosaki, The Daily Beast, Autoblog, Rockets Are Cool, VMware, car2go, The Fresh Toast, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 10, 2017

    April 10, 2017: Could Twitter become a user-owned cooperative? Also, Apple reportedly behind on iPhone 8 production, and TaskRabbit may be considering sale. With Tech Insider, SUCCESS Magazine, The Young Turks, Newsy, Breitbart, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 7, 2017

    April 7, 2017: Samsung Mobile puts tough 2016 behind it, Twitter takes on the Trump Administration, and Showtime Networks offers offline browsing. With Men's Health, The Drive, Rooster Teeth, Hollywood Life, WHOSAY, Petcube, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 6, 2017

    April 6, 2017: Here's how Amazon's Jeff Bezos will invest $1 billion each year in Blue Origin. Also, Twitter Lite launches, and more on Yahoo and AOL's "Oath." With, Newsy, Rent The Runway, SpikedSeltzer, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 5, 2017

    Opening Bell: The NFL is coming to Amazon Prime. Also, Square ponders Yik Yak purchase and Seattle judge halts Uber, Lyft unionization law. With Popular Science, Inc. Magazine, LifeLock, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 4, 2017

    April 4, 2017: Yahoo and AOL form "Oath," new details emerge in legal fight between Uber and Waymo, and Twitter continues push into live video programming. With, The Young Turks, Seeking Alpha,, and more.

  • Opening Bell April 3, 2017

    April 3, 2017: Apple kills Imagination Technologies deal to develop own GPU, Tesla shares rise on record deliveries, and ISPs promise not to sell private browsing data. With The Daily Beast, Newsy, Vix, PicsArt, Bulletproof, The Fresh Toast, and more.

  • Opening Bell March 31, 2017

    March 31, 2017: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey leaves Facebook, Uber reaches settlement in Pennsylvania, and BlackBerry shares rise in pre-market trading. With GQ, Rockets Are Cool, KAYAK, GasBuddy, and more.

  • Opening Bell March 30, 2017

    March 30, 2017: Lyft tests shuttle service in San Francisco and Chicago, Tesla rolls out Autopilot 2.0, and shutters and other Quidsi sites. With Entrepreneur, Newsy, Rooster Teeth, and more.

  • Opening Bell March 29, 2017

    March 29, 2017: BuzzFeed reportedly eyes IPO, Twitch plans on selling games, and Congress votes to let ISPs sell your browsing history. With Mashable, Scientific American,, Inc. Magazine, Fiverr, and more.

  • Opening Bell March 28, 2017

    March 28, 2017: Elon Musk's newest venture - a company that connects brains to computers. Also, reaches deal to acquire With Julius "Dr. J" Erving, The Young Turks, The Daily Beast, GQ, and more.

  • Opening Bell March 27, 2017

    March 27, 2017: Snap rises after Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley put out bullish reports and United Kingdom takes aim at WhatsApp. With Quora, Timberland, Thread, The Dodo, Your EDM, The Fresh Toast, and more.