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  • Trump's Tax Proposal: What's in it For Individuals

  • The First Start-Up Came Over on the Mayflower

    American entrepreneurship stretches back 400 years. Bhu Srinivasan, Author of "Americana", says the original start-up came over on the Mayflower. Srinivasan discusses how capitalism is the bedrock for U.S. innovation. He also comments on current market valuations, saying they are nothing like the...

  • A Closer Look at That Sculpture in the Cheddar Flatiron Studio

    The 7-foot-tall "Golemecha" is the latest installation in the space. Cheddar Art Correspondent Cheryl McGinnis gives use an up-close look at the piece and tell us how its artist stand out.

  • Birchbox Is Using Instagram to Get Guys to Groom

    Birchbox VP of Product Christian Wallin and Senior Grooming Merchant Kyle Bergman discuss men's grooming trends, and how the company uses social media to deliver useful advice to customers.

  • Clean as a Baby's Bottom: Clorox's Redefined Marketing Approach

    Clorox launched a new "Clean Matters" campaign to change customers' perception on what it means to be...and get!...clean. Eric Reynolds, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Clorox, explains why it used real families in its new commercials, instead of actors. He said Clorox wanted...

  • An Employee Rating System Could Be a Bad Idea for Job Recruiters

    Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo, discusses the company's launch of "Entelo Envoy," which uses data and machine learning to find the best candidates for specific jobs across the internet. We discuss with Bischke how Entelo stands out among companies like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn. We also talk abou...

  • The Key to a Billion Dollar Exit

    Forerunner Ventures Founder Kirsten Green has a knack for picking retail winners. She explains how businesses are reimagining commerce.

  • What to Make of Rex Tillerson's Latest Presser

    The Secretary of State denied an NBC News report claiming he had considered leaving his post. assistant editor Jack Holmes compares the press conference to a hostage video.

  • How Zelle's Payment System Is Roping in So Many Banks

    Many of the major players are getting in on the peer-to-peer payment tool. Michael Baresich, chief information officer at Ally, talks about why his company is so excited about joining the network.

  • For Sports Fans, It's About More than the Game

    Sarah Kunst think sports reporters can do better. Her company, ProDay, emphasizes what athletes have going on off the field and, she says, gives insight into what fans really want to know.

  • The "Cheese Twins" Talk "The Great Food Truck Race" Strategy

    Charlie and Michael Kalish call themselves the Cheese Twins. The identical brothers are the winners of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race." The duo stop by Cheddar's Flatiron Studio with some tips for hosting a wine and cheese tasting.

  • How Millennials Are Starting to Look at Travel

    Tiffany Harrison, Marketing Manager for STA Travel, discusses travel trends among millennials, noting a rise in popularity in Europe and Asia. We also discuss STA's upcoming travel rewards program, where students can earn points toward travel if they get good grades and participate in their schoo...

  • Turner CEO John Martin on CNN Weathering the Trump Storm

    The network has taken its lumps over the past year, but Martin says it's strong and moving forward. He discusses what it's been like to be the target of the president's relentless attacks.

  • Where Amazon Can't Compete With Small Businesses

    It is important for any business to protect their intellectual and financial property, and it is even more important for small businesses to do so. Steve Strauss, Senior small business columist at USA Today, joins Cheddar to explain how small businesses can do just that. He also discusses how Tru...

  • Famed Google Leaker Gives Cheddar the Scoop on the Pixel 2

    The Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are set to be released on October 4th. There have been a lot of rumors swirling around the two new phones, and what features they will contain. Evan Blass, mobile reporter for VentureBeat, gives Cheddar the inside scoop on exactly what to expect for these new Google pho...

  • Agree or Disagree: Trump's Las Vegas Remarks Most Presidential Yet

    Hours after the Las Vegas shooting, President Trump called the attack an "act of pure evil." Is this the most "presidential" the president has been? Emma Vigeland and Jack Hunter discuss.

  • Would President Trump Ever Get Behind Gun Control?

    The investigation into the mass shooting in Las Vegas continues to unfold. Erin Delmore, Senior Political Correspondent at Bustle, discusses whether or not we should call the shooting an act of terrorism. She says the police need to confirm certain links to terror groups and a specific ideology i...

  • Long-Term Investments that Could Change the World

    Morgan Simon, Author of "Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change," discusses the importance of making socially conscious investment decisions. Simon notes that instead of banking with major financial institutions that are sometimes invested in oil companies or businesses you might not wan...

  • Las Vegas Attack: What We Know So Far

    Chris Swecker, Former Asst. Director of the FBI's Criminal Division, discusses what we know about the suspect and what investigators are still trying to figure out.

  • Should Amazon Buy Twitter? Recode's Kurt Wagner Weighs In

    Recode's Kurt Wagner says it makes sense for Amazon to acquire Twitter for "two big reasons." He talks about what the online retailer can get from advertising & data sharing and real-time search.

  • The "Cheese Twins" on Creating the Perfect Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Charlie and Michael Kalish call themselves the Cheese Twins. The identical brothers are the winners of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race." The duo stop by Cheddar's Flatiron Studio with some tips for hosting a wine and cheese tasting.

  • IHeartRadio CEO Bob Pittman on the Hardest Part of Reinventing Radio

    The company has pulled off something many experts didn't think was possible. Pittman explains why, at the end of the day, it all goes back to following the consumer.

  • Here's What Could Happen if the U.S. Loses "Dreamers"

    Javier Palomarez, President and CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, says deporting DACA recipients could have a huge impact on the economy. He explains what experts think could happen.

  • Why Lavazza's History Sets it Apart From Starbucks

    Gourmet coffee is taking off in the U.S., and Lavazza North America CEO Davide Riboni thinks Americans will take to his brand, and he's confident the product can compete with brands like Starbucks.