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  • NYSE, NASDAQ Hold Moment of Silence

    The stock exchange went silent Monday morning in honor of the Las Vegas Shooting victims.

  • Manny the Frenchie Joins Cheddar

    Manny the Frenchie is best known for being the adorable pooch who likes to take naps in sinks. The famous French bulldog has over three million followers across all social media platforms. Manny's owner Amber Chavez says the key to becoming a pet influencer is to catch your pet in its natural env...

  • For ABC's "The Toy Box," the More Kids, the Better

    Gary Swisher, SVP of Investor Relations & Games at Mattel, explains why the show is bringing more kids into the fold this season. And could the approaching holiday shopping season give these businesses a boost?

  • What Security Experts Can Learn From the Las Vegas Shooting

    Some 43 million people visit Las Vegas each year, and law enforcement exports have worried for years about the city becoming a terror target. John Choate, former head of security for Wynn resorts, joins us to break down a typical security response to events like the Las Vegas shooting Monday mor...

  • From Banking to Broadway to CBS's "Bull"

    Actress Geneva Carr began her career as a banker in New York. She explains what inspired her to get into acting and how her background has actually helped her performances.

  • Actor Stephen Bishop Debates a Fan Over the NFL Protest

    The "Imposters" star is a former professional athlete and has a strong opinion about the controversy. Bishop tells a story about connecting with a fan who debated him online over the NFL protests.

  • Why Brands Are So Attracted to Esports

  • "Imposters" Star Stephen Bishop's New Film Takes on Domestic Violence

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and actor Stephen Bishop has a new film dealing with those issues. He explains the message and dishes on "Imposters'" new season.

  • Is Natural Gas Demand About to Spike in the U.S.?

    Seeking Alpha author Darren McCammon discusses how Trump's tax plan will impact the oil industry. He explains why he believes America is going to go from having too much natural gas, to not having enough natural gas in the next few years. Plus, he's been following the company ArchRock Partners an...

  • Does Facebook Even Understand How Serious the Russia Problem Is?

    Recode founder Kara Swisher says the company needs to step up and take responsibility. She goes on to explain why she thinks the issue is indicative of the Silicon Valley's immaturity.

  • Will Congress Finally "Get Off Its Ass" and Do Something About Guns?

  • Hamilton Beach Goes From Boomers to Millennials

    Hamilton Beach CEO Greg Trepp sees a shifting customer base. He says millennials now out-purchase baby boomers in the small appliance market. Trepp explains the factors driving the change.

  • Lenovo SVP and CMO on Why His Company Bought Motorola

    Tim Stenovec was over at Interbrand's Best Global Brands event earlier this week with Lenovo CMO David Roman. Roman explained how his company teamed up with Disney for a Jedi-themed video game featuring augmented reality. He also gave his take on the digital media revolution and how Snap is posit...

  • Why Going Private Might Not Be the Miracle Nordstrom Needs

    WWD Deputy Managing Editor Evan Clark says, even if the retailer does succeed in going private, there will be a lot of challenges. He explains why investors are feeling so unsure.

  • Does San Juan's Mayor Deserve Any of the Blame?

    Wayne Dupree, Contributor to the Political Insider, opens our interview by giving his reaction to last night's attack at a Las Vegas country music festival, which claimed the lives of over 50 people and injured hundreds more. Wayne emphasizes the importance of conversation in the United States, n...

  • Congressman Donald McEachin: We Need to Get a Bill on the Floor

    Attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act would have eliminated health care coverage for millions of Americans, according to estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. After another failed attempt by Congressional Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare, Rep. Donald McEachin (D-VA) prop...

  • The Trick to Marketing Meatballs

    Dan Mancini owned a successful apparel company before deciding to go into the prepared food industry. He sold his company and started Mama Mancini's. Thanks to a beefed-up food portfolio and a spot on QVC, his brand is available all over the country. Mancini shares his tips for building a brand.

  • Cybersecurity Unicorn Finds a Home in Colorado

    Colorado is celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation at the Denver Startup Week event. Erik Mitisek, the state's Chief Innovation Officer, shared how Denver stacks up against Silicon Valley in terms of innovation. Mitisek points out cybersecurity is a booming sector in the Mile High City.

  • Wandering Bear Aims to Give Millennials Their Coffee Fix

    It's national coffee day! What better way to celebrate than to be joined by Ben Gordon and Matt Bachmann, Co-Founders of Wandering Bear Coffee, a company innovating the way we consumer our cold brew?! Wandering Bear doesn't come in traditional packaging, but in a cold brew box with a tap. The co-...

  • AdAge Gets a Facelift

    The publication you have known as Advertising Age for almost 90 years is now rebranding itself as AdAge and will focus on the intersection of culture and marketing. Heidi Waldusky, General Manager of Marketing and Brand, and Associate Publisher for AdAge, joins Cheddar to explain the new image. S...

  • How Meditation Can Get a Business Over a Creative Hump

    The Generators Summit is bringing together Silicon Valley's biggest thought leaders this week. The event is put on by the digital platform Issuu, and will focus on empowering companies to create positive movements. CEO Joe Hyrkin says passionate ideas take energy to build, and deserve to be suppo...

  • Is "Javanka" Bound for NYC?

    The president is reportedly trying to decide whether or not to remove the first daughter and her husband from the White House. VFHIVE's Gabriel Sherman and Emily Jane Fox discuss the dynamics at play.

  • Using Facebook's and Google's Weapons Against Them

    IRIS.TV CEO Field Garthwaite says the giants are ahead for now, but the little guys are catching up. He explains how his company pairs content with the right viewers.

  • A Star From "The Handmaid's Tale" on the Show's Social Impact

    Samira Wiley doesn't think the show would have had the same effect if it had been released four years ago. The actress explains why she thinks the series hits close to home for so many Americans.